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An Internship at Brickley Delong

Author: Zachary Meyers, Intern

Ever since my first accounting class that I took in high school, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the field. Once I began my college career, and starting talking courses in accounting, this was only confirmed.

My family resides in Oceana County, and because of this, I was familiar with Brickley DeLong before meeting representatives for the first time at the accounting recruiting night held by my college. My talk with them went well, and I hoped that I was able to land an interview for an internship. The next day I received that call.

My interview was held at Brickley DeLong’s Grand Rapids office, and I met with two partners of the firm. After a few days, I was thrilled when I received a phone call from the Firm Administrator offering me an internship position in the Muskegon office.

Leading up to my first day I was anxious to start working. Upon my arrival, I met with the Firm Administrator, and she introduced me to the partners and staff members. Everyone was very friendly and made me feel welcome. Throughout tax season I worked on a variety of projects and tax returns. If I had any questions, there was always someone willing to answer and take the time to explain why the answer was correct.

I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at Brickley DeLong through the summer and gain audit experience as well as my tax experience. Now, going into my senior year of college at Grand Valley State University, I am excited for what the future holds. I am also thankful for the time and resources that Brickley DeLong has invested in me and my future.

If you have the opportunity to obtain an internship, I would not turn away from it. Throughout my time at Brickley DeLong, I have continued to be challenged to learn and improve my skills. The support of the people at Brickley DeLong has abled me to embrace these challenges and continue to progress towards my goal of becoming a CPA.

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An Accounting Internship Experience at Brickley DeLong

As a prospective accounting graduate, it is highly encouraged for students to obtain an accounting internship while working towards the completion of their degree. I was most fortunate to land a tax season internship in the Grand Rapids office at Brickley DeLong PC.

From my first impression of Brickley DeLong, it was clear that the employees were welcoming and friendly. I had the opportunity to tour the office, before actually starting my internship. This eased me into the position, and gave me an idea as to what my office space was going to be like, as well an initial meeting with some of my coworkers. It was not long before I felt like I was one of the staff.

When I began my orientation, the firm was clear and concise about my responsibilities. As a student, I had been taught much to prepare me for the profession; however, actually seeing and applying what I learned was a process. Throughout my internship, I had to lean on the support of staff and their experience with situations I had not seen before. The firm’s open door policy was extremely beneficial for me as an intern; partners and staff were always willing to answer my questions – despite it being busy season. My supervisors made a special effort to not just answer my questions- but to make sure I understood why the answer was correct. They were not afraid to challenge me in my work and gave me more complex returns when I felt ready.

I am happy to say that my internship at Brickey DeLong went better than I ever could have expected. This can be attributed to the firms’ knowledgeable and supportive professional staff.

For more information on recruiting and hiring at Brickley DeLong PC, please visit our career pages or contact Christine Dill, cdill@brickleydelong.com or (231) 726-5835.