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Work Life Flexibility

By September 24, 2014 No Comments

The concept of work-life balance has been something that the corporate world has been addressing for many years. With millennials becoming increasingly more prevalent in the work force, the traditional work week is evolving.

Younger professionals are more concerned about flexibility in the jobs than the generations before them. To retain employees, it is extremely important for companies to adapt to this generational shift. The corporate mindset must change to ensure that professionals have the flexibility to fulfill all to their responsibilities and desires (both work-related and personal).

Flexibility means something different for everyone:

  • Some people are more interesting in working from home
  • Some people would like work compressed work weeks
  • Some people require shorter days, possibly due to family obligations
  • Some people prefer to work until tasks at hand are complete.

The Bottom Line…

CPA firms are becoming more flexible to meet their employees’ needs.   Talented professionals will always be sought after by growing firms. These individuals are more than capable of taking care of the responsibilities given to them. The more job flexibility awarded to employees, their ability to succeed in all facets of their lives increases.

Here at Brickley DeLong, workplace flexibility has always been awarded to our employees. We work with employees on adjusting their work schedules to help fulfill their personal duties. In addition, flexibility is important in relation to our clients. With new millennials in the workforce, we are adapting to make schedules work best for both our employees and our clientele.

So, what is your take on workplace flexibility? We invite you to comment on this blog post or contact us.

Author: Ed Elsner, CPA, CFE