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Tips for a Faster Month-end Close

By June 17, 2015 No Comments

In a recent article posted on the AICPA website, Maria Murphy offers tips for a better and faster month-end close. A few questions she addresses to help consider if your close cycle needs to be quicker are:

  • Is anyone complaining about the length of the monthly close?
  • Who will benefit from a quicker close?
  • Can the close go faster without sacrificing accuracy?
  • Is there specific information that can be disseminated before the close is finalized?
  • Can nonfinancial data, such as human resources or production data, be used to close more quickly?

The tips Murphy offers for a shortened close are:

  • Break the close process into pieces
  • Perform a risk analysis
  • Change mindsets from looking backward to looking forward
  • Evaluate close areas that can be done in different time periods
  • Use technology
  • Communicate

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