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Interviewing for a Staff Accountant Position at Brickley Delong

By May 20, 2015 No Comments

My name is Bryan Jacques and I am a staff accountant at Brickley DeLong. I began full time in January 2015, and was first exposed to the firm at the Grand Valley’s Pre-recruiting Night.

At the recruiting event, I talked with one of the firm’s representatives. Our conversation went well; but due to the amount of candidates and time constraints, it was short and generic, so I was unsure whether or not to anticipate an interview. After the recruiting event, I eagerly awaited to see which firms selected me for an on-campus interview, and fortunately Brickley DeLong was one of them.

My on-campus interview was with Brenda Jacobs, a partner at the firm. Prior to beginning my career in accounting, I graduated from college with a degree in sociology; after various misguided attempts at exploring new career pathways, I ended up doing social work for a brief period. Realizing this was not the career I was hoping for, I went back to school for accounting. As I began searching for a job in my new field, I was worried that my career indecisiveness would reflect poorly on myself as a candidate.  With Brickley DeLong, this was not the case. Brenda scanned my resume as I sat in front of her, and noted that every resume told a story. She assured me that trying to restart a career was not a drawback, and was not going to be held against me. I remember feeling like the firm was more interested in where I currently was, rather than my past.

After the on-campus interview, I was invited to interview at the firm’s Muskegon office. I was very excited, but also a little apprehensive, as the interview was scheduled for a total of four hours, and I was a full-time employee elsewhere. The firm’s administrator explained that during the interview, I would be meeting with many different members of the firm and even be served lunch as the interview would be in the middle of the day.

My interview began with two seasoned partners who relayed the history of the firm, and explained the direction the firm was heading. Afterwards, I met with partners representing both the tax and audit side of the firm. They explained what it was like to work in both of the respective fields. Next, I ate lunch with one of the firm’s newest members who explained what it was like being a new member of the firm. Finally, I interviewed with the firm administrator, who covered firm policies, and other administrative matters. At the conclusion of the interview, I was somewhat surprised when she handed me a check and thanked me for taking 4 hours out of my day to interview with Brickley DeLong.

During the entire interview process at Brickley DeLong, it was clear that the members of the firm respected their employees, and were seeking a mutually beneficial relationship. I did not feel like they were just looking for someone who would add the most value to the firm, but for someone who would fit into the firm culture and enjoy their work. When I got the phone call offering me the full time position, my decision was conclusive.

For more information on recruiting and hiring at Brickley DeLong PC, please visit our career pages or contact Christine Dill, or (231) 726-5835.