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Interview Process at a CPA Firm

By September 3, 2014 August 5th, 2020 No Comments

Author: Michael Glowacki, Intern

Like many college students, I changed my college major. Oddly enough, I started my journey in the pharmacy program at Ferris State University. I hacked my way through Pre-Pharmacy for a year before deciding it was not for me. So, as anyone would do in that situation, I went and talked to a counselor who tried to pinpoint my interests and figure out what other avenues might suit me.

In High School, I signed up for an online accounting course and dropped it due to schedule conflicts. In the back of my mind, I knew I would have been successful in the class, had I taken it in person. I recalled taking that accounting class while talking to the counselor. I decided I would give accounting another chance. So, in my second year, I took accounting principles 1 and 2 and absolutely loved it. It made sense to me; I grasped the concepts, and I felt I really found my strong suit… my niche. Who would have thought? Most people think accountants are boring and completely serious all the time. That could not be more false, with regards to the people I have encountered on my journey into the accounting profession.

Moving forward to my senior year in the accounting program, I became the treasurer of the Accounting Association at Ferris. I had been told that you would not get hired for any job if you did not take an interest in your program’s extra-curricular groups. You had to prove your dedication. This is why I graciously accepted the position after being a member of the group for a year. I was not being lied to; being in the association opened doors for me.

The fall of my senior year I went to the career fair under the discretion of my instructors. This was the first time they had an influx of employers looking specifically for accounting majors. I was thrilled and nervous at the same time. At the fair, I met Paul Gilbert and Jennifer Kloosterhouse. I recall talking with them for about a half an hour, far longer than any other people I had encountered that day. With their information in hand, I left their booth. Later, my academic advisor stopped me in the gymnasium and told me to go back to Brickley DeLong’s booth because they wanted to give me an on-the-spot interview. I was ecstatic!

To make a long story short, I interviewed with Paul later that day. Then, I was invited to an office visit in Grand Rapids, where I interviewed with Grand Rapids staff and Timothy Arter, the firm’s managing partner. After receiving the offer, I started as a tax intern in January. The firm worked around my class schedule so I would not fall behind my graduation goals.

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