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The Internship Experience at Brickley DeLong

By August 7, 2015 No Comments

Author: Calvin VanderWal, Intern

As a student, I was told to participate in as many internships as possible. They provide real-world experience, give you a feel for the profession, and are a great resume builder. After going through the fall recruiting season my junior year of college, I landed a summer internship with Brickley DeLong.

I had the opportunity to do some audit work in the field on my first day of the internship, and I was slightly overwhelmed. However, the staff I was working with eased me into the job and made me feel very welcome. After a couple days in the field, I had my first day in the office. This day was filled with partners and staff coming over to my desk to introduce themselves and welcome me to the Firm. I immediately felt like a member of the Brickley DeLong team.

At the beginning of my internship, I was concerned with the lack of technical knowledge I might have. To my relief, every staff member was available and more than willing to answer any questions I might have. I was also surprised that some of the entry level staff was as new to some areas as I was. This made it easier to collaborate and ask questions. The professional staff I worked with honestly wanted me to understand what I was doing and why it needed to be done a certain way. They expected my work to be of the utmost quality, but gave me the information and resources to do so.

Throughout the summer, I spent time in both the office and the field. In the field, I was interacting directly with clients and working with them to complete various auditing tasks. This direct client interaction gave me insight to knowledge I otherwise would not have gained, and showed me that Brickley DeLong trusted me to represent the Firm in a dignified and professional manner to their clients.

The people at Brickley DeLong made my internship a great experience, and I would recommend this internship to anyone.

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