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Generational Differences: Moving Forward

By October 14, 2016 No Comments

The topic of generational differences has been discussed a lot at our Firm in recent years. It is common knowledge that many Baby Boomers are exiting the workforce and more Millennials are entering. At Brickley DeLong, we have made it a point to not only understand the differences between the generations, but also to learn the similarities so we can “bridge the gap” to best serve our clients, Firm, and employees.

On October 12, I attended an Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) event on generational differences. The speaker, Lorraine Medici of ACC of Express Employment Professionals, highlighted that the key to working with employees of different generations is to understand the assumptions and interpretations you have regarding the different generations. Then, you must learn to set those aside.

Take a few moments to jot down what words pop into your head when you think of the following generation labels: Traditionalists (age 71+), Baby Boomers (52-70), Generation X (38-51), and Millennials (21-37).  Are some of the words negative?

Now try the same exercise, but only write down positive words.

Before approaching an employee or client, from a different generation with a task or project, try to focus on the positive characteristics you believe comes with their age, not the negative ones.

We all know generational differences exist, what matters is how we as individuals decide to understand and use them for the greater good.

Author: Elizabeth Kramb, Supervisor