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Delegation: The Essential Leadership Skill

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Roger Allred, in a recent article published in Accounting Today, discusses the importance of delegation in leadership. If a business is to grow and expand, it needs to have employees who can effectively delegate work. Delegation is of the utmost importance when trying to maximize productivity.

Roger Allred and his brother Russ Allred, list six was to effectively delegate in their book The Family Business – Power Tools for Survival, Success, and Succession:

  • Determine who should do the job and express confidence in their ability
  • Let them know what you expect
  • Establish a negotiated deadline and get a commitment to the job and deadline
  • Allow them to use their imagination and initiative
  • Train them by following up, not taking over
  • Express appreciation for actual results

Following these tips is a step in the right direction when becoming a more effective leader. As a Partner at Brickley DeLong, it is crucial to be able to delegate work to staff members. Following these steps not only will benefit the leader, but also the one being led. The leader can be satisfied with results and, the delegate will be more fulfilled and produce better results because he or she clearly understand the project, is able to use their skills and imagination towards the project, and receives gratitude for the outcome.

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