Avantax Services

A Tax-Smart Approach to Wealth Management

Each of our clients have unique goals when it comes to financial planning. That’s why Brickley DeLong, PC has partnered with Avantax Planning Partners to offer a comprehensive approach to wealth management and financial planning called Guidance Planning Strategies (GPS). This allows us to create a long-term plan, looking at the impact of all financial decisions and demonstrate how these decisions will impact your future.

  • Guidance You Can Trust: To experience a holistic approach to planning, coordinating tax considerations with your CPA is essential.
  • Planning You Will Understand: Navigating your destination points and adjusting as needed provides clarity for your journey.
  • Strategies That Make a Difference: Comprehensive advice generates financial options unique to your situation. The financial planning process begins with understanding what is important to you. We listen, assess and discuss tax efficient financial strategies.
  • Tax-Focused Investment Strategies: Navigating the markets requires having an investment portfolio that serves as a reflection of your risk tolerance, time horizon and liquidity needs. But there is an additional step to ensure the returns you earn are not eroded by taxes. Having an investment strategy that meets your financial goals and minimizes your tax liability is going to be paramount to your overall financial plan.
  • Retirement Planning & Withdrawal Strategies: While retirement may start in the later stages of life, the dreams of retirement start much sooner. The earlier retirement needs are identified and addressed, the more likely you will realize those dreams. Planning for both the accumulation and withdrawal stages of retirement requires consistency, discipline and accounting for the tax implications of saving and spending in retirement.
  • Family Risk Management: Every financial plan has potential risks associated with it – risks that can become prevalent when life happens. It is important to mitigate those risks so the financial plan, and your family, does not suffer because of those catastrophic life events.
  • Business Planning: Most businesses in the U.S. are not run by corporations, but rather families. Planning for contingencies in running a business allows for both employer and employee to succeed financially, especially during times where the focus is on the day-to-day operations as compared to the company vision. Contingencies include business growth, business continuity, employee retention and tax savings.
  • Legacy Planning: How do you want to be remembered? Legacy planning comes down to being able to ensure your wishes, values and priorities are upheld throughout life. Whether it is through education, charitable giving or trust planning, building a legacy can ensure the next generation(s) of your family are supported.
  • Education Planning: Despite increasing tuition costs and debate around attending college, education planning can be one of the easiest financial hurdles to overcome. With recent tax-law changes, education planning is not limited to college. It is important to discuss the educational options for both children and grandchildren, and see how these options can affect cash flow, debt management and estate tax planning.
  • Cash Flow Management: The concept of cash-flow management boils down to one thing – how much are you saving versus how much are you spending? Having a plan where your savings and spending choices reflect your values and priorities can positively affect your financial plan. Having a clear picture of monthly inflows and outflows can lead to informed decisions on other aspects of planning for you and your family.

Advantages of Engaging With Avantax:

  • Collaborating with Brickley DeLong, PC tax advisor to provide a comprehensive picture of your financial situation.
  • Providing a complimentary and independent review to address your planning areas.
  • Designing custom plans to give you a foundation to understand why and how decisions are made.
  • Working together to help you achieve your short and long-term goals.
See the Avantax difference when your financial plan takes into account tax-smart investing, your trusted advisor and a Financial Professional. If you’re interested in learning more, call your Account Administrator or the main line at 231-726-5800.